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Dating. In the Metaverse.

Our Mint is Coming Soon.

'A brand new, futuristic, classy way to date using NFTs and the metaverse' - Matt Barnett [Love is Blind, Netflix]

Swipe Right on the First NFT Dating Project.

Coming Soon to the Sandbox.
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Enter the Metaverse.

We think the future of technology and online dating is in the Metaverse.

Imagine after matching with someone on Smart Hearts, your first date is in the Metaverse. We're building a center for Smart Heart members in the Sandbox after our NFT sale. Of course, we think this is just the beginning of Smart Hearts.

NFT Sale.

Our mint (on Ethereum) will be coming soon. It is our sole way of funding Smart Hearts, and funds will be used to purchase land in the Sandbox to build the Smart Heart Lounge. There are different classes of NFTs, and each NFT has its own functionality. For example, 'Match Makers' can match with one person a day who didn't swipe right on them. Make sure to follow us on Discord or Twitter for updates and more information. 

Roadmap (in a Nutshell).

  • NFT Sale. Fund Smart Hearts.

  • Sandbox Land. Use Funds to Buy up to 8 pieces of land.

  • Merch. Free T-Shirts/Posters to 500 Lucky Members.

  • Date Night. Meet Smart Hearts in the Sandbox.

  • Smart Hearts Live. Use our App. and Get To Mingling.

  • Metaverse 2.0. Optimize Experiences using Feedback.

  • AI Girlfriend/Boyfriend. In case you haven't found any luck.

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We believe in creating an inclusive environment for all people, regardless of gender, race and sexuality. That includes supporting LGBTQ members.

We also have a dedication to creating positive mental health. Members of our team have been involved in mental health initiatives for some time. We describe more about this below, and how you can get involved in mental health related initiatives with our community.


The first to solve the puzzle also wins a free NFT. We can't tell you much more.

Check out our twitter and discord for giveaways.


When it comes to attraction, everyone has their own taste. We feel that modern dating sites, however, create an artificial environment--an echo chamber of filter preferences--that ultimately causes people to miss out on attractive and engaging interactions with others.

Being an exclusive community to begin with, there are some key traits we will
not provide filters for: Height, Body Type, Income and Ethnicity. You will see all the members of our exclusive community with the same sexual orientation when you use our app. Of course, you are welcome to (and should) swipe right on the person who captivates you. We believe you'll thank us this, which will provide an experience to get to meet all types of people.

More Details.

Smart Hearts is centered around building a dating app where owners of the Smart Hearts NFT can match with each other and meet virtually in a metaverse.

One of the challenges of making such a dating app is the size. Smart Hearts is intended to be an exclusive community of individuals who may use their NFT to meet people for dating. At the same time, we do not want our dating app to be too limited in size. The challenge here is sustaining the value for our NFT holders through exclusivity, while at the same time, allowing our NFT holders options to meet enough people.

Currently, our model is that the original NFT is the only way to access Smart Hearts dating. However, we will be listening to our NFT holders. If the community wishes for more NFTs to be issued in order to meet more people through dating, we will do so. If they prefer the exclusivity, we will keep things the way they are. Such a decision will be made through voting by our NFT holders. If more NFTs are issued, the original NFT holders will have the most priorities and benefits in matching on our dating app.

Mental Health.

Historically, mental health has carried a large stigma across various cultures. But stigmatizing mental health only leads to negative consequences. When people feel shame for not knowing how to cope with their depression, anxiety or other conditions, they are less likely to get help. So, why the stigma?

We believe the stigma against mental health comes not from a bad place, but a lack of proper understanding about mental health. For example, one study had 'normal' individuals (those without any symptoms) admitted to a mental health hospitalization center. These individuals reported falsified symptoms that led them to have a particular diagnosis. However, they were instructed to cease falsifying symptoms as soon as they were admitted by the study. Nevertheless, the medical records made by the unknowing specialists at the hospitals described the behaviors in exaggerated manners to fit the diagnosis. Furthermore, no one was identified as falsifying their symptoms by the staff! This alludes to the following. Labels and diagnoses regarding mental health can create a false sense of understanding of an individual. It's better to focus on how an individual can find peace, happiness and freedom, rather than focusing on a diagnosis.

Almost every person, at one time or another, has struggled with their mental health. Struggling with mental health does not make someone 'weak', nor does it mean that there is anything 'wrong' with someone. It's common for everyone to struggle at different times and in different ways. By creating an open and accepting environment around mental health, we can benefit everyone. Additionally, we can gain understanding and compassion for the difficulties others face, so we can support them better, especially for those who struggle the most.

What are proper ways to take care of one's mental health? Research shows that exercise, nutrition, meditation and social engagement play positive roles in protecting one's mental health. Sparked by Richard Davidson's initial brain imaging study of monks at the University of Wisconsin, a lot of research is showing the positive benefits of meditation on mental health. Having a community of supportive people is also very important. Humans, presumably by design, are social creatures. We all need some sort of socialization to stay balanced.

Members of our team at Smart Hearts see mental health as a topic near and dear to us. We've been focused on contributing to mental health through various means, such as through the research in our work and volunteering at NAMI. We want to get you involved too.

While Smart Hearts is primarily a dating project, we will also be hosting initiatives for mental health, such as charitable fundraisers and raising awareness of the different types of mental health and how to support family members and friends with different afflictions. Let's make a positive and accepting culture around mental health!

Previously a co-team lead solidity engineer who helped develop a state of the art digital identity platform. Currently a PhD student working on applying machine learning algorithms to mental health problems.

NFT Categories

Beauty Cutie
Beauty Cuties have all benefits.
Special Devil
Special Devils create a bit of mischief for their competition.
Love Dove
Love Doves get to choose their benefits each week.
Naughty Hottie
Naughty Hotties can send 'fireballs' - these do not let others swipe left until viewing your whole profile.
Flirt Alert
Flirt Alerts enjoy a larger daily swipe limit.
Match Maker
Match Makers may match with one person a day who did not swipe on them.
Heart Breaker
Heart Breakers receive profile boosting, making them more visible.
Charm Alarm
Charm Alarms get pre-generated ice-breakers / jokes.
Euclid Cupid
Euclid Cupids may shoot arrows to superlike profiles.

Think Dating is Hard?

We think this game is harder.

Click below to play. Not compatible with mobile phones.


Mad Scientist Magic LLC


Ethereum Non-Fungible Tokens

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